Praveen Mayakar

Praveen Mayakar

Product Manager

Praveen is a system thinking Technologist, Investor and a Business strategist. He loves helping people build businesses that make a positive impact on the world.

In his 20 years of experience he has worked with corporates as well as Startups within various verticals such as Deep tech, Edtech and web technologies. He has mentored startups within the Swedish startup ecosystem with Sting/Norrsken, Founder’s institute, Antler, Newchip and India Accelerator.

As an investor, he has a portfolio of more than 10 companies, notably Ljusgårda, Cake and Nothing. He is also a graduate from VCLab 2022.

He loves to closely observe and guide the transition of ideas to reality in a diligent and pragmatic manner. His structured, analytical thinking combined with his skills with technology, product development, business acumen, network in Sweden & India and deep insights on life helps strengthen entrepreneurs in their journey to build companies sustainably. His expertise is in technologies such as Digital HW design, Embedded systems, Application development, AI, blockchain and Web 3.0.

Currently Praveen is a Global Product Manager at Tobii, board member at 2 startups and also owns Startup Magic, a community to nurture startups. He is based in Sweden and his network is largely based in Europe and India.

Email: [email protected]