Turnkey 3D web building blocks form channels for new markets and public engagement

The Problem

  • Browsing is a solitary experience, web2.0 only offers limited chat
  • 2D browsers don’t utilize depth of field, where content space is limited
  • High risk and cost of maintaining a brick-and-mortar store
  • High development & operational costs for most immersive apps
  • 2D Web services are not easily available across 3D Web browsers
  • Bandwidth constraints in certain markets hamper accessibility and public use

Our Solution

BEX is a design system built on open standards for the 3D web, connecting hosting and extension services with immersive integrations and customizations

Extend your 2D web presence into the immersive web, on mobile or any headset:

  • Building blocks for 3D websites that work on every browser, every time
  • Delivering 3D websites easy to use on every device, every time
  • Integrating 3rd party services for seamless transactions and interactions

Blending the best of game engines and business systems into a single stack for multi-CDN web distribution

Our API marketplace offers a range of business capabilities (ecommerce, video, music, streaming, 3D store) with game level performance for groups.

Design System

We provide extensible studios and spaces, turnkey end to end 3D web stacks with API integrations, ready to use for design and development of new 3D web spaces.

Easy to build

Easy to deploy

Easy to test


World or Space Design

UX Test framework

API Marketplace

Croquet OS Microverse

Beamable Game Platform

BEX Admin & Analytics

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